Sugar and the Causes of Cancer

Sugar—ah— honey honey. You are my candy girl, and I can’t stop wanting you.
-Lyrics from the hit song, Sugar, Sugar.

We really can’t stop wanting sugar, can we?  The average American eats 130 lbs (yes, lbs) of fructose each year! It’s a legal drug that we crave; the pleasure center in our brain lights up when we eat sugar just like it does when people use cocaine.  Addictive? You bet! Research studies show that, much like other addictive drugs, we develop a “tolerance” to sugar, meaning, in effect, that we need more and more sugar to have the same effect. (Gulp! Or should I say Big Gulp?)

Sugar is legal, but is it lethal? There is strong evidence that sugar is a major causative factor in many diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Dr. Richard Johnson, a nephrologist at the University of Colorado, stated in a recent article in the National Geographic that  ” . . .every time I study an illness and trace a path to the first cause, I find . . .sugar.”

Does this include cancer? Although your oncologist may tell you that there “is no proof” that sugar has anything to do with cancer, the truth is the polar opposite. Sugar feeds cancer!  When we eat sugar, our blood sugar increases along with our insulin level.  These increases help cancer cells develop insulin receptor sites, which in turn feed off sugar and promote tumor development.

There are several reports in the scientific literature confirming the role of sugar and the causes of cancer. A major study revealed how elevated insulin levels increase the risk of breast cancer (more about it here). Another study found that patients with colon cancer had a much greater chance of recurrence if they ate a sugar laden diet (read that here).

I lost a lot of weight when I went through chemo and radiation, so much so that the doctors threatened to put in a feeding tube if I didn’t start gaining weight.  They gave me some Ensure to drink as my mouth and throat were full of painful sores from the radiation. I objected to drinking the Ensure, arguing that I had discovered through my research that cancer cells have more receptor sites to sugar than a normal cell. My oncologists scoffed at my objection, saying that “starvation doesn’t sure cancer.”

Starvation? I wasn’t trying to starve myself, I was trying to save my life by not feeding the cancer cells! As you’ll discover when you read our memoir, we learned to keep our opinions to ourselves when we saw my oncologists.

Sugar, honey, honey, I’ve got some bad news. I can stop wanting you. I found out that when I was loving you, you were trying to kill me. Now every time I see you, I see you for what you really are: poison.

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