THE GOOD FIGHT, Our Story of Cancer Survival

Good Fight Cover_11-13  Katherine and I are pleased to announce the long-awaited publication of our new book, The Good Fight; A Story of Cancer, Love, and Triumph! Told from alternating perspectives, it’s the story of our fight against a rare and usually fatal cancer. In the book we describe how we faced the devastating diagnosis, underwent a grueling course of traditional therapy, and scrambled to find alternative treatments for my cancer. Written by a cancer survivor, The Good Fight is a story about love.

More than a personal story of cancer survival, it provides insights on how to treat cancer with nutrition and complementary therapies. It was our hope in writing our story that we could inspire others who are going through difficult life challenges of their own.

Early reviews of the book (see Amazon) are very enthusiastic. People who have read the book tell us they find it “intense”, “powerful”, and that they “can’t put it down.” Dr. Paul Reilly, a physician at the Seattle Cancer Center gave the book this endorsement: “This story is worth reading by everyone who is a cancer patient or loves a person dealing with a diagnosis.”

The book is available in Traverse City at Horizon Books and Brilliant Books, and is available in hard copy or kindle format through Amazon. We will be doing public readings in the New Year.

Katherine and I would like to thank the many people who have supported us during our battle with cancer, and in the writing and production of this book!




3 thoughts on “THE GOOD FIGHT, Our Story of Cancer Survival

  1. Congratulations, both of you, on the publication! I am going to go to Horizon Books and pick up a copy for a couple who are dear friends of ours; she just this week had a mastectomy, and is preparing for the fight.

  2. Thank you Gary for your comments. When I was dying from cancer I swore that if I survived I would do anything to help others. This book fulfills a small part of my promise!

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